Automotive lpg regulator valve repair manual

automotive lpg regulator valve repair manual

Output line for error codes for ABS system (Mazda) FBV Parking brake valve FC Fault (error) code fckw Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC).
See also nlev, sulev, tlev, ulev, and ZEV.The clutch pedal is no longer needed.2V, two (Venturi) Valve (two barrel carburetor) 2v, two Valve (cylinder head) 2WS, two Wheel Steer 4EAT, four speed Electronic Automatic Transmission 4V, four (Venturi) Valve (four barrel carburetor) 4v, four Valve (cylinder head) 4WAS.Corresponds largely to EU3.FGB/AGB Speed limiter / automatic speed limiter, usually proper name FGB/GBA Speed limiter / speed limiting system, usually proper name FGG Speed sensor FGR Speed control, usually proper name FH Power window FHE Road and obstacle detection FHM Power window motor FI Filter ficd Fast-idle.ESL Electronic steering lock.Fuel injectors and carburetors have tiny openings which clog easily so filtering the fuel is a necessity.The system adapts automatically to vehicle load conditions, has continuously variable damping, and works together with ESP.CRC Cyclic redundancy check.We are your premier supplier of valves in Southern Africa.Detects longitudinal and transverse forces directly at the wheel during acceleration, braking, and in curves.CRT Master computer or Continuous catalytic converter regeneration by burn off at 300C with after-injection CRW Common Rail parameters (also CR-W) CS Crankshaft cscv RPM control valve CTG CAN tester (Mercedes) CTS Cooling temperature sensor, K├╝hlmittel-Temperatursensor CTX Continuously variable transaxle CV Check valve, shutoff valve.
Regular use of a good in-tank cleaner will keep you from having to pay for this service.
The cylinder head is tilted in order to modify the compression ratio, or Speed volume control.