Bf2 patch 1.22 1.5 only

bf2 patch 1.22 1.5 only

Fixed bug where a spawn point is shown as selected when it is not if player has spawned in during the preview round.
It can not be destroyed.
Claymores: Claymores will now stay there until the round is finished.
Any player within 1 mile diameter serious sam se patch from the strike, will be killed immediately by the strike.We can not have a shortage in players or it will hurt EA badly.Ammo/First Aid bags: Now medics/support will have 20 ammo/first aid bags and be able to aid someone in half a second.Here at dice, we decided to remove the Knife and the pistol from the weapons.Battlefield 2 players have downloaded modifications (we call it 3rd party hacks).It contains a vital gold, in which both sides can turn the gold into bullets.We will replace them with Strike at Karkand.Anti-Tank: The firing rate of sraw/ERX/RPG will now be changed to semi auto (3 times per second).Basic Shock-Paddle badge: 5 kills with a shock paddle IAR.New rank: The 5 star general (Supreme-Allied Commander) will be the highest rank earned in Battlefield.TV guided missile: So many complaints from dice, of the TV missile being too powerful, here at dice we have decided to decrease the damage so that it is the same damage as an anti tank rocket.