Call of duty patch 1.5.1

call of duty patch 1.5.1

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Zip ( 1 file(s) coDWaW-1.5-1.6-PatchSetup.
Mods: Increased the amount of mods displayable in the Mods menu.Fixed an instance of the player model displaying incorrectly.New Nazi Zombie map: Der Riese (nazi_zombie_factory an all-new Zombie map set in a secret Nazi research facility featuring the Pack A Punch Machine, Teleporters, and many more undead hordes!Some unhandled mobi ebooks for kindle exception errors have been addressed.Added RCon command "teamstatus" to display players team information.Improved dog spawning in MP, addressed an issue with Zombie pathing.Size : 974.17MB, downloads : 580,279 (34 today read More: News: Call of Duty: World at War.5 Patch (Map Pack #2) and.3 Mod Tools.Exe (974.17MB) 3 new MP maps: Banzai, Corrosion, Sup Pens!Description, preview, post a comment, related Mods, related Games.With PezBots support and the same realism feel that you love.1 new Zombie map with a new weapon (the Wunderwaffe DG-2 flaming Hell Hounds, new traps, and more: Shi No Numa!Exploits pertaining to Demo playback.New feature: in-game Add to Favorites.The Hardcore gameplay from COD4 Frontlines arrives into wwii.Added support for codtv cg_DrawFPS 1 now only displays FPS and cg ms/frame.Favorites list now ignores filter settings.Add file, report, cOD:WAW.5-1.6 Patch (Including Map Pack 3).
Zip ( 1 file(s) coDWaW-1.4-1.5-PatchSetup.