Can i pirated ebooks to my kindle

can i pirated ebooks to my kindle

Some sites just say they have your eBook available to download for free but when it comes time to download it, it's either a scam to get your credit card info or it's a site which infects your system with a virus/trojan.
I figured it out when I found so many used 50 nuances de grey pdf tome 2 gratuit copies of my books on line and bk precision 1627 manual they didn't match up the numbers they reported as salees.
Chances are, these books aren't even available, just being used to scam people's credit card info.
Posted: May 11, 2013 10:26 AM in response to: supag33k free, book, promotion, pirate Most websites publish your books for you not for anything else.Should users do this?Posts: 4,232 Registered: 09/18/12 Re: My ebooks have been pirated and so have a lot of others.Org and they are based in the Ukraine.Sorry to say but some on demand publishers are crooks and I hope Create Space.Send a file to that email address and it will php web services pdf appear on the kindle via Whispernet (Amazon charges.10 fee).Copy and paste this url to see the books they are advertising.One such service is: Stop eBook Theft Posts: 30 Registered: 11/12/09 Re: My ebooks have been pirated and so have a lot of others.219 40 comments, some hacker stole CD projeckt's internal files comments, this is why people Pirate 8 10 comments.I will not even mention the country or name of the company - and suffice to say I am very disappointed.That means just about any book downloaded via BitTorrent can be read on the Kindle.Posted: May 10, 2013 8:51 PM in response to: Andrew. .And PDF and.Lit files are easiy converted.txt files.Amazon ignored all of the ebook standards when building the Kindle, instead going with a proprietary format created by Mobipocket, a company they acquired in 2005.I expect the same thing with the Kindle.Posted: May 10, 2013 4:26 PM in response to:. .If you are willing to violate copyright laws, getting free ebooks is almost as easy as getting free music.The Kindle can read text and Word files in addition to its proprietary format.Alternatively, the USB cord can be used to move the files over without any fee.Legend Helpful Answer Correct Answer.
The company is mobilism.