Check for null string c

check for null string c

In order for the readResolve method to be recognized by the serialization mechanism, it must be declared to have a url media player windows 7 return type of Object.
Dm: Futile attempt to change max pool size of ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor ( Javadoc ) While ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor inherits from ThreadPoolExecutor, a few of the inherited tuning methods are not useful for.This means that an object is not equal to itself, and it is impossible to create useful Maps or Sets of this class.Thus, it may have more precise information that just the declared type of a variable, and can use this to determine that a cast will always throw an exception at runtime.See JLS Section.25.This code, and any code that references this API, will need to be changed in order to compile it in later versions of Java.From the existence of other methods, it seems that the existence of both of these methods is intentional, but is sure is confusing.This reference makes the instances of the class larger, and may keep the reference to the creator object alive longer than necessary. .UC: Useless object created (UC_useless_object) Our analysis shows that this object is useless.These calls will not be executed atomically.Nm: Class is not derived from an Exception, even though it is named as such (NM_class_NOT_exception) This class is not derived from another exception, but ends with 'Exception'.Unless the class must be compatible with JVMs predating Java.5, use either autoboxing or the valueOf method when creating instances of Double and Float.IC: Initialization circularity (IC_init_circularity) A circularity was detected in the static initializers of the two classes referenced by the bug instance. .BC: Questionable cast to abstract collection This code casts a Collection to an abstract collection (such as List, Set, or Map).See the Java Language Specification, section.2.4.This is rather unusual, and may indicate a logic error or cause unexpected behavior.This may indicate a logic error or typo.This will result in IndexOutOfBoundsException at runtime.Unless both strings are either constants in a source file, or have been interned using the tern method, the same string value may be represented by two different String objects.Dm: Use the nextInt method of Random rather than nextDouble to generate a random integer (DM_nextint_VIA_nextdouble) If r is a java.For example: / This is bad String s for (int i 0; i field.
Use an alternative API and specify a charset name or Charset object explicitly.
It is generally a good idea to use a finally block to ensure that streams are closed.