Cinema player windows 7 64 bit

cinema player windows 7 64 bit

Audio cdroms with extra content could not be played.
Ticket #3666, DVB: Dont clear the channel list on saving new scan result.Midi (mid, midi, rmi matroska Audio (mka mP3 (mp3).Ticket #3742, Sync Renderer: Fix rare crashes when using Sync Renderer with synchronize video to display option enabled.Little CMS.7 (git 8174681).DTS / DTS-HD (dts, dtshd, dtsma).Ticket #3324, Some applications could interfere with Skype API and prevent MPC-HC from running when Display Now Playing information in Skypes mood message was enabled.Real Audio (ra tAK (tak true Audio (tta wAV (wav).DVD-Video (vob ifo matroska (mkv webM (webm mP4 (mp4, m4v, mp4v, mpv4, hdmov).Ticket #5030, LAV Video Decoder: The video timestamps could be wrong in some cases when using H264 dxva decoding.Pgssub: Subtitles could have opaque background le journal de bridget jones ebook pdf instead of transparent one.Smacker / Bink Video (smk, bik).Monkey's Audio (ape, apl aU / SND (au, snd audio CD track (cda).Ticket #4933, ASS/SSA subtitles: Fix a crash for elements with no horizontal border but a vertical one Ticket #4937, Prevent showing black bars when window size after scale exceed current work area Ticket #4938, Fix resetting the settings from the Options dialog: some settings were.Playback will now be paused during the analysis to avoid concurrent accesses to the disk that might hang playback Ticket #5130, Lock the player when the scan dialog is opened.Ticket #4941, Support embedded cover-art, changed: DVB: Improve channel switching speed, the Properties dialog should open faster being that the MediaInfo analysis is now done asynchronously.