Classloader cannot be null

classloader cannot be null

Put(name, c if (resolve) resolveClass(c return c; See Also: Class, newInstance, defineClass, loadClass, resolveClass, classLoader constructs a new class loader and initializes.
Boolean isAncestor ( ClassLoader cl) ClassLoader acl this; do acl rent; if (cl acl) return true; while (acl!
All of the super classes (except class Object) of the caller are registered as parallel capableNote that once a class loader is registered as parallel capable, there is no way to change it [email protected] class_name_1 Class name * @param class_2 Class to compare against * @return Whether they are assignable public boolean isAssignableFrom(String class_name_1, Class class_2 * Method to test whether the type represented by the specified crack akvis magnifier 6.0 class_name_2 * parameter can be converted to the type represented.However, some classes may not originate from a file; they may originate from other sources, such as the network, or they could be constructed by an application.Length - the length of the Class data.Each instance of ClassLoader has an associated parent class loader.Once it has downloaded the bytes that make up the Class it should use the method defineClass to create a Class instance.Invoking this method is equivalent to invoking boolean) loadClass(name, false).The name of a resource is a -separated path name that identifies the resource.That failing, this method will invoke #findResource(String) to find the resource.If the named class has had its assertion status set, the most recent setting will be returned; otherwise, if any package default assertion status pertains to this class, the most recent setting for the most specific pertinent package default assertion status is returned; otherwise, this.A ClassLoader can be used to tell the runtime system to convert an array of bytes into an instance of class Class.
The JDO specification defines how class-loading is to operate in a JDO implementation and this is what DataNucleus uses by default.
Null) Class clazz dex.