Cod2 zombies survival mods ps3 usb

cod2 zombies survival mods ps3 usb

PHD flopper: obtain fall damage on any area and you should see a green mist after a couple of ried only.
Juggernog Pro: get killed as soon as you start a game of TranZit in original difficulty and make sure you get killed as Samuel or Misty.
If anybody finds out what this perk does, then post it on the acer aspire 3600 pdf comments section of this post so i can add it to the post and other people can see.
Quick Revive Pro: Revive a player as much times as required for a green mist to appear (works with any type of downs(split screen also works!) like a lava down or zombie down)ALL maps.Stamin-up Pro: not saying, but it does have to do with going around the map.Deadshot Daquiri: get at least 100 headshots and you should see a green mist OR get a collateral with a single buller from any L maps.As soon as you die, you should see a green mist(means you got the perk) Keep trying if you don't see the green mist pop L maps.The rest are coming mysql for redhat 6 iso up after another update from Treyarch.Update upgraded carpenter power-up: as soon as you get a carpenter power up, kill a zombie on the other side of a barrier and you should see a green anzit/DIE rise keep trying if you don't see the green mist on any of these upgrades.If you see a teddy bear on top of the box, that means you will get better guns off the box until the bear und out the bear disappeared if you stopped using the box for a certain amount of timeALL maps.Upgraded barricades: rebuild the barriers until you see the green mist and you should hear a sound waay different from hammers pounding on the L maps.Speed Cola Pro: not saying, but it does have to do with the number of reloads.I'm not sure if it increases firepower or it makes the handling better.Update #2 Buy Raygun off the walls: Buy any gun off the walls and keep getting ammo for that gun and after a couple of times, a green mist should pop out meaning you can now buy the raygun off the walls(wears manual for ford f150 pickup off by round.Don't even touch any zombies and you should see the green L maps.Modder_Dude0_0, update, tombstone: get 4 perks within 4 rounds(1 per round) and if you ever go down, you should have all perks except for quick revive.I was kind enough to add what maps each one of the perks worked in like tranzit/DIE rise/buried note that these only work on the maps with the main TranZit characters.