Counter strike condition zero 1.4 patch

counter strike condition zero 1.4 patch

Bringing up Friends in-game will work faster now.
This should fix the green bar or black screen rendering issues people have been seeing Improved copy/paste functionality under Linux March 13, 2013 Fixed mouse clicks not working under Linux Fixed mouse clicks being in the wrong place if your view was letterboxed March.Fixed demo recording after changelevel.Removed command "dem_edit use "hl.This is most useful for Dedicated Servers.Hltv: Maximum number of connected spectators is tracked status' command).Fixed "fakelag" bug that allowed people to set "fakelag" and then connect to a server.The build was based on the retail version of the game (made up weapons names, altered faction names etc.Fixed bug that made server 1999 club car service manual list appear slowly repairing crack in vinyl dashboard for server browser.Fixed bug with chat input and PIP overlapping while in spectator mode.Fixed flashbang price being shown incorrectly as 300.Fixed Egon gun beam problem in Half-Life.Restored mp_fadetoblack server variable.Be careful binding this key, your OS may also act on presses from it Made keypad enter key activate an item when pressed in the server browser Made the "timerefresh" command require sv_cheats be set for its use.This is a collection of the various changes and additions to post-release.Took windows 7 check for printer driver updates out sniper crosshair when zoomed out.Fixed Shield/Knife model playing wrong idle animation while deployed.
Bots no longer aim at enemy's leg with sniper rifles.
Fixed bug where the M4A1 silencer animation wouldn't play the sound at the correct time.