Crack csi crime scene investigation pc

crack csi crime scene investigation pc

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Lab - DNA Analysis Computer, add blood from the floor and blood from Michaels shoe, confirm match.
Will get Carries phone records.
Trace Analysis Computer, Search Links/Special, add encrypted file from Andys PDA and search.Compare victims blood with the blood sample goudy swash medium italic font from the keys, confirm match.Will automatically go to interrogation room with Lucy Cannelli, ask all questions.While in close-up, get sample from shoe.Ask Doc Robbins new questions.Add blood from smear and blood on the floor, confirm match.Brass Office - Ask new questions.Trace Analysis Computer, add finger print from the condo and the finger print from the book, confirm match.Click on the body again for a close-up.Lab - DNA Analysis Computer, add hair strand and blood on the floor, confirm match.One will match (result D confirm match.
2.99 View in iTunes 12 HD TV-14Closed CaptioningVideoDead Woods The CSI team reopens a 10-year-old murder/suicide case when the sole survivor claims her accused father was innocent.