Crow powerwave 8 installer manual

crow powerwave 8 installer manual

Next you will need to find out how it is programmed at the moment whether it is suitable or needs to be changed.
Overall I think it would be best to get an installer out to program it as you want test the whole thing out.
Say you had a 2 storey house with garage, study/office rumpus room down stairs.Unfortunately cats jump climb.Stay arming is just a pre-programmed method of bypassing certain detectors.Cut its legs off you'll be fine (joke).There are pet friendly detectors but I don't know of one installer that would suggest a cat will not set them off.You could program stay arming to only arm the detectors downstairs but leave the upstairs ones bypassed.28-02-11, 01:08 PM #2, first of all you should replace the battery if its been sitting unused for a couple of years.If you have never used it then it may not even work.If it was put in as a "basic package" then it is probably only 3 PIRs placed in the easiest spot for the installer almost certainly won't be suitable for stay arming.8 Zone Alarm Panel.Programming your PowerWave - - 8 8 programming your PowerWave access TO programming ON power UP (installer mode) post it full version software for pc When power is applied to the controller for.'3' for Indexed, which allows for 'bit-depths' of 1, 2, 4.
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