Dirt devil featherlite instruction manual

dirt devil featherlite instruction manual

DIrt Devil Central Vacuums offer power unit choices for coffee rush 2 game all homes as well as convenient hose management products for the ultimate central vacuum experience.
The system turns on, the vacuum closes the door, and the unit shuts off.
Check for crimped, twisted or pinched hoses.Check all hose connections.Click the problem below to go direcly to the troubleshooting section you need: Vacuum will not turn.Problem: Unit runs, but low suction.No, go to step 5, step 5 As the unit is being plugged in, listen closely for a light clicking sound within the main vacuum unit.If Vacuum runs, there is probably an obstruction of some kind within the system that is not allowing adequate airflow through the system, causing it to overheat.If bad, replace fuse (8011).Unit runs, but no suction.Yes, if the unit runs, the valve is bad. .Yes, vacuum may be overheated.Unplug power supply cord from wall outlet and plug back.Check hose connections for leaks.Remove or cut these connectors to expose 2 black bare wires from the main vacuum unit (See fig.2).Replace relay board (7090). .All systems are covered by our industry-leading.
Does the unit turn on?