Ea fifa 11 for pc

ea fifa 11 for pc

New Choons (10 points) : Import your own sounds into the game using the Custom Music Chants feature.
Always Friendly (10 points) : Cross for a Friend to score.
During the next transfer period sell them to get cash.Easy cash in Manager mode: Submitted by: karthik Email: In Manager mode, if you run low on cash, buy a few free agents during the transfer period.You can also upload your own audio to be played in the background of the game, say for example chants and slogans.Folklore (25 points) : Become a Legend as a player in Career Mode.You should now have over 2 billion for transfers and 46 million for wages.You should have more than 2 billion.The best feature of fifa 11 is the fact that you can control the goalkeeper and this makes the game more real than ever before.Warming the Gloves (10 points) : Make 10 saves in 1 Arena kick-about.Originally posted by "KlosterKatten" Hint - Getting possession: Submitted by: superboy When playing, to get the ball go near the player who is having the ball and Press "S" the opposite player may fall and you get the ball.Virtual Football (25 points) : Play a Pro Clubs match as a team of 10 or more.Also, the facial expressions of the players have been taken into account, making the game all the more life-like.The game has improved greatly since its last installment and the changes are not just superficial, but actually quite stunning and entertaining.Hundred manual 6.5 hp craftsman 22 blade lawn mower Counting (100 points) : Play 100 Head to Head Ranked Matches.Founding Member (25 points) : Include a Creation Centre Team in a Kick-Off match.Distance Shooter (10 points) : Score from outside the box with a player with the Distance Shooter Speciality.Rising Talent (25 points) : Complete 100 Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro.