Excel 2007 cannot save as pdf

excel 2007 cannot save as pdf

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The window appears as normal to Save As with PDF appearing by default as Save File Type.
If I change the string I want to use for the label to 32 characters, or less, this code works (Excel 2007).
Open.ppt File From Command Button.Complies with an industry format.I am working in MS Excel 2007.When i click the CommandButton on the UserForm i would like the SaveAs screen to come up and have the Table (or Used Range in the Excel Sheet) as the selection to be Saved.PDF format.Seems like all the code for email put the email in outbox, and will not send.I know if you go to file and save as PDF, then save in selected folder will work, just looking for a quicker way so my staff just needs to push one button on the worksheet and it does it all.All the options in the save as box should still be available in case they want to save in that particular format.Command Button To Save My Worksheet As A PDF.The.xsl and.ppt files will be distributed in a folder to other members of the team so I need the link to not be specific to my computer.I use Excel 2007 (at home) 2010 (at office).View 2 Replies View Related Mar 17, 2009 I have created a large process map workbook in excel that links to various areas within the document using command buttons.View 3 Replies View Related Mar 20, 2014 I have a combo-box in a Multipage control.
I will end up using this in several worksheets which will have a different name as part of the file name (based on the worksheet name).
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