Force wsus to reupdates

force wsus to reupdates

Close curIndexes; deallocate curIndexes; IF exists (select * from @work_to_do) begin print 'Estimated number of pages in fragmented indexes: ' cast numpages as nvarchar(20) select @numpages @numpages - sum(ed_page_count) from @work_to_do AS fi inner join dexes AS i.
Exec spGetUpdatesToCompress, sET @totaltodelete (select count from #results).
Fetch next from WC into @var1.
IIS settings for Web services, iIS must be configured correctly for wsus Web services.END - Close and deallocate the cursor.Appendix C: IIS Settings for Web Services for an explanation of how to check IIS configuration, as well as the correct settings on each of the Web services and for the WWW web service.You should also check the SoftwareDistribution.Mssqlwsus (if you are using a SQL Server database and have named your database instance "wsus.Start button, point.Wsus - Windows System Update Service.You can also use the Event Viewer to check the Application, Security, and System event logs to see if there are any events that indicate a problem.Start if the service is not running.Identifies indexes that are fragmented and defragments them. 16:28:05:890 1788 bac AU AU setting next detection timeout to 10:28:05 16:28:06:859 1788 bac AU Triggering Online detection (non-interactive) 16:28:06:859 1788 bac AU # 16:28:06:859 1788 bac AU # start # AU: Search for updates 16:28:06:875 1788 bac AU # 16:28:06:875 1788 bac AU # submitted # AU: Search for updates CallId 9F04BBE BD00-284DAE34EFE7 16:28:06:875 1788 c28 Agent :28:06:875 office 2008 trial crack key 1788 c28 Agent * start * Agent: Finding updates CallerId AutomaticUpdates 16:28:06:875 1788 c28 Agent :28:06:875 1788 c28 Agent * Online Yes;.Object_id and dex_id dex_id - Declare naruto shippuden rapidshare episodes the cursor for the list of indexes to be processed.Objectid.object_id and dexid dex_id inner join _db_partition_stats AS ps.object_id.Begin SET @msg cast curitem as varchar(5) cast totaltodelete as varchar(5) Compressing ' convert(varchar(10 @var1) ' ' cast(getdate as varchar(30).USE susdb; GO SET nocount ON; - Rebuild or reorganize indexes based on their fragmentation levels declare @work_to_do table ( objectid int, indexid int, pagedensity float, fragmentation float, numrows int ) declare @objectid 100 psp hacks 6.60 int; declare @indexid int; declare @schemaname nvarchar(130 declare @objectname nvarchar(130 declare.They are the Update Service (wsusservice.Verify that the service is running. 16:28:11: AU Setting AU scheduled install time to 06:00:00 16:28:16:671 1788 c28 Report report event: 198A4316-bcfe-4EFC-8CC4-F22E :28:11: SelfUpdate Failure Software Synchronization Windows Update Client failed to detect with error 0x80244019.' convert(nvarchar, getdate 121) insert @work_to_do select.object_id, index_id, avg_page_space_used_in_percent, avg_fragmentation_in_percent, record_count from _db_index_physical_stats (DB_ID null, null, null, 'sampled AS f where.0 and * page_count page_count - 1) or (ge_count 50 and.avg_fragmentation_in_percent.0) or (ge_count 10 and.avg_fragmentation_in_percent.0) print 'Number of indexes.For certain tables, a fill-factor is set in order to improve insert performance.Log to see if there are events that indicate a problem.
Open WC, fetch next from WC into @var1 while fetch_status -1).