Honeywell digital bath fan control manual

honeywell digital bath fan control manual

Program your bathroom fan or operate it manually.
Of bedrooms (1, 2,., 6).
In this mode, the fan turns On and Off once a day according to the programmed On Time and the programmed Off Time.
Black 120 VAC white black (line) white green (GND) black black (load) For installation in wet locations, protect the circuit with a ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci).When you place the controller in Countdown Mode, the programmed mode is overridden until the end of the countdown.Simple programming, convenient display, meets ashrae.2 Ventilation Standards to ensure xp sp2 crack installation file that your bathroom is getting the proper amount of ventilation control.Owners Guide, guide du propriétaire, guía del usuario, hVC0001 / HVC0002.Datasheets, Documents Links, reviews, be The First to Review This Product 5 Stars (0) 4 Stars (0) 3 Stars (0) 2 Stars (0) 1 Star (0) Copyright 2017 Galco Industrial Electronics, All Rights Reserved.Marque de commerce enregistrée aux États-Unis.Veuillez lire ce guide et le conserver en lieu sûr.Then press the Press the main button to turn the left button to decrease the bath fan On or Off.Guide du propriétaire, guía del usuario, previous page.At any time, you can cancel the Countdo.Scrn On HI: The screen is lit at high intensity.Chances are, youre in the bathroom the same time every morning.In this mode, the controller operates like a regular switch.The easy-to-see backlit display shows the current time to keep you on schedule.Note: Refer to the menu flowchart sheet on how to place the controller in Manual Mode.Fan capacity (30, 40,., 200 CFM or 15, 20,., 100 LPS).Installs In Place of a Normal Switch.We have 1,039, honeywell manuals covering 958 products available for immediate PDF download.Meets ashrae.2 Ventilation Standard, Required or Recommended avant garde bt medium font In Most States and Provinces for New Construction or Whenever a Permit Is Required.
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