Iq3 metal detector user guide

iq3 metal detector user guide

Figure 11-3 Create Quantitation Set Select Method Page Select or create a method.
As they are badly affected by mineralised ground a technique was developed using very low frequency to energise the transmit coil.
The IonDriveTM QJet ion guide does not filter ions, but focuses them before they enter the Q0 region.
Connections Figure 3-2 shows the location of the mass spectrometer connections, including the locations of the reset and vent buttons and the mass spectrometer convenience switch.This permits entry of the cable to the search coil.To overlay curves, make sure that the method used to create the tables is the same.4th, 6th, or in our case 8th, harmonic) the D input will always be the same level at each one piece subtitle indonesia episode 700 clock pulse.The effect of all this is to produce a chain of square waves at the Q output, the frequency of which is eight times the change in frequency of the search oscillator.Use the fine frequency control to set the beat to a low pitch and sweep across the surface.MS/MS/MS 6 Fixed LIT Fill Time Compound The Fixed LIT Fill Time parameter controls the amount of time that the LIT fills with ions.Select the Auto Increment check box to increment kamen rider dragon knight wii game the data file names automatically.Table 2-1 General Hazard Symbols Safety Symbol Description Personal Injury Hazard Lifting Hazard Table 2-2 Chemical Hazard Symbols Safety Symbol Definition Biohazard Explosion Hazard Toxic Chemical Hazard Fire Hazard Table 2-3 Electrical Hazard Warning Symbols Safety Symbol Definition Electrical Shock Hazard Table 2-4 Pressurized Gas.Open Compound Database Opens the compound database.Adjust the height to prevent the syringe plunger from hitting the syringe during sample infusion.Performance Criteria B (Criteria B Equipment may experience loss of function (one or more) during test but shall operate as intended with some degradation of performance and functions self-recoverable after test.The Curtain GasTM flow parameter should always be maintained as high as possible without losing sensitivity.Note: We recommend that users do not change datafile (.wiff) names if a Results Table includes samples from that file.They have been included to show the ingenuity of design-engineers, in an attempt to improve the performance.Select the acquisition method for each sample in this column.Click OK in the Create New Hardware Profile dialog.Place an AM radio near the search-coil and tune it to pick up a squeal. .(Recommended) Use secondary containment trays beneath the roughing pump, the solvent bottles, and the waste collection container to capture potential chemical spills.Peak Review - Window Opens peaks in a window.
Here is the diagram for adding the coil: The circuit is not as sensitive as metal detector MkII but gives a good platform for experimenting and understanding oscillators, feedback and tuned circuits.