Lennox elite series thermostat installation manual

lennox elite series thermostat installation manual

The drawings show by way of illustration how one or more embodiments of the disclosure may be practiced.
A user can also modify either the first or second management profiles without implementation by, for example, storing a modified management profile in a memory of the programmable thermostat cargo optimo font 1 and/or computing device 104 for, for example, implementation at a later time.
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Combination of the above embodiments, and other embodiments not specifically described herein will be apparent to those of skill in the art upon reviewing the above description.3 illustrates a method for managing a programmable thermostat in accordance with one or more embodiments of the present disclosure.Data analysis subsystem 108 can compare historical energy usage data and make a number of comparisons between a first management profile (e.g., the management profile previously used in programmable thermostat 102 ) and a number of potential management profiles, one of which and/or combinations.This may result in the user's energy bills being unnecessarily expensive.For example, memory can be random access memory (RAM) (e.g., dynamic random access memory (dram and/or phase change random access memory (pcram read-only memory (ROM) (e.g., electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (eeprom) and/or compact-disk read-only memory (CD-ROM flash memory, a laser disk, a digital versatile.1, system 100 includes a user device 110.Sign In to ManualsOnline, sign Up for ManualsOnline.Thus, a second management profile can include a determination that utilization of different modes can save a user costs associated with energy usage.Embodiments of the present disclosure do not limit communication of the second management profile to electronic message(s) and/or display(s) on programmable thermostat 102 ; rather, any means of communication can be used to apprise a user of the second management profile.1, system 100 includes a computing device 104 having a data acquisition subsystem 106 and a controller 108.Users may find that programming a programmable thermostat may be so burdensome as to abandon any attempts to use the programming function altogether.As will be appreciated, elements shown in the various embodiments herein can be added, exchanged, combined, and/or eliminated so as to provide a number of additional embodiments of the present disclosure.A user interface can include, for example, a screen that can provide (e.g., display and/or present) information to a user of programmable thermostat 102, computing device 104, and/or data analysis 110.For example, occupancy detection engine 212 can receive energy consumption data from the area managed by programmable thermostat 202 and analyze that data to determine whether an occupant is present.A determination of occupancy and/or multiple determinations of occupancy over time can be used by data analysis subsystem to determine the second management profile.Additionally and/or alternatively, the management profile can be communicated to a user upon an input (e.g., request) made by the user via, for example, user device 110 and/or programmable thermostat 102.Data acquisition subsystem 106 can be configured to receive thermostat data at a predetermined time, at a predetermined interval, and/or at random times and/or intervals.Programmable thermostat 102 can include devices that allow for a controlled temperature in a structure (e.g., a portion of a structure) and can allow a user to manage a number of settings regarding heating and/or cooling systems.In addition, data analysis subsystem 108 can determine a second management profile that can include a thermostat schedule that more correctly reflects a user's schedule than the first management profile.Occupancy detection engine 212 can include an occupancy sensor.User device 110 can be equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology allowing data analysis subsystem 108 to receive a location of user device 110.
A user can program modifications to the second profile in a manner analogous to normal programming on programmable thermostat 102.
Additionally, a user may improperly program a thermostat causing heating and/or cooling systems to activate at times when the user is not home.