Manual 6.5 hp craftsman 22 blade lawn mower

manual 6.5 hp craftsman 22 blade lawn mower

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Air filter and carburetor ' are covered to keep water out.Give the mower model number when ordering _ note : The catcher may be hosed with water, but must be dry when use engbh TO changeoil from sparkplug AND placewire where IT cannot CO _ E iN contactwith spark ' ' " cautmdnis : connsepaarpklugw.96 ) Link, Control O9 Pin, Dowel Ring, Retaining Lever, Brake Seal, Oit 5 29314B Valve, Intake ( Std.(5-Excellent) (4-Good) (3-Ok) (2-Poor) (1-Very Poor), your Name, email Address, please leave your comments and help us improve.Turn the lower handle over and re - assemble atl of the parts that were taken off.TO rwov _ ower from C _ rtoh UFr u _ Remove loose parts._ Flywheel brake is on when Operator 1 _ Depress Operator Presence Control Hard to Pull Presence Control Bar is released, Bar to upper handle before pulling 2, Bent engine crankshaft, on starter rope.Felt washer cleaning pinion._ : _ ew 10 24 Q 1, D _ t 1hr, m _ 84BOeO.This is a partial text extraction from the pdf, to download the pdf, click mysql for redhat 6 iso the Manual tab. Release operator presence control bar and tighten remaining handle knob.
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Allow starter rope to snap back.