Manuale flight simulator 98 windows 7 black screen

manuale flight simulator 98 windows 7 black screen

I have been de-installing and re-installing FS9 several times in the last few days in order to fix the problem that FS9 suddenly did not start anymore.
The game does load up just fine and works well, but the add-on stuff will not load and will also make the game crash.
I then shut down, restarted and opened MS FS 2004 using my usual short cut.It works perfectly for me, hope it does for you.Some of my older software won't 2010 ford f 150 user manual install from disc any more.This still is inconvenient to load it from the CD state, but I need the add-on planes for educational purposes.Lets hope Microspft sort out the bug!So I now just accept a top / bottom menu bar; but so far everything I need to work, does.Since I use the no-CD patch, I have not been affected by either problem, even after installing the Update a few days ago.Henriw ConvairLiner Posts: 84 Hi Tom, Thank you so much.The FS9.1 patch will report in Help/About that it is running as FS9.0, but this is not true.Thanks a lot Tom!It really works, as I just done a quick take off landing of the Lancaster from Blackpool Airport.I have tried all of the other ways to fix my issue but nothing was working. .Hope this helps everyone the far pavilions subs and elevates any headaches for anyone.Install all your addons, one by one, running FS2004 after each install.Install the No-CD patch from Basically, download, rename FS9.exe to FS9_old.XP will probably work too, but I had no XP drivers for my graphics card.Then I went into the windows update center and searched for the update titled "KB3086255" and uninstalled.I went to the Microsoft website and did their 10 checklist of what could be the issue but to no avail.
Install Windows 7 on the spare hard drive.
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