Mirc 7.22 full version

mirc 7.22 full version

This release was a quick followup release.7.6.
Added /ialfill #channel command and extended ial identifier.
It is a bit hack-ish, but it will do for now.
1.5.2 Issues Resolved: jruby-4767 JRuby and open-uri File handle issue jruby-4981 Anonymous classes are piling up and filling up PErmGen, eventually causing a crash jruby-4841 clone -Memory Leak when extending Java class with additional Ruby instance variable jruby-5007 XSS in WEBrick (CVE ) jruby-5018 sslsocket.Thanks Many thanks to Jörn Hartmann (joern dot hartmann at gmail dot com) for finding and reporting the issue.Github Issues resolved for.rc2 #3109 - minitab 16 software cost Precompiled.class can't reflect new filename #3104 - Strange error in implicit return of match variable #3102 - Bundle install fails with jruby-head with a on travis #3098 - Fix for issue 3035 on master : change the hash code.Fixed connection timeout not being applied while a starttls handshake is in progress.Improved the way server passwords are stored in i and channels list lock passwords are stored.Spawn using huge amounts of memory for simple script #3049 - Requiring a bare file from current directory works unexpectedly #3046 - Shellescaped utf-8 string misbehaving in backticks #3044 - Fix getRealMethod for WrapperMethod which wraps a WrapperMethod #3042 - JRuby e2 raises "NameError: uninitialized.Jar now includes.9 standard library Embedding API refinements Over 2000 commits and 270 issues resolved.Jruby-5547 add String#byteslice method jruby-5560 JRuby does not detect unix socket jruby-5568 Remove MethodFactory cant load bytecode logging before.6 final jruby-5622 Regex string interpolation breaks unicode properties jruby-5630 Java calls have lost the Java part of the trace jruby-5643.9: Array#map and Array#collect produce.Jruby-6661 strftime should behave the same for datetime and time jruby-6668 StringScanner#scan_until spins forever on UTF-8 data jruby-6669 failure at test/test_kernel.The goal of this release was to give a quick turnaround for bug reporters.7.17.Fixed SSL certificate change warning bug that caused warnings to be displayed for valid certificates.Does not yet compile, is used by RubyGems jruby-4749 require rbconfig fails on GAE because of NullPointerException jruby-4849 Provide or update links to source/project, attribution, and license info for all libraries ship with JRuby jruby-5203 included Module is not picked up by runtime jruby-4907 popen4.Objectspace is enabled #3472 - Hash keys should only be deduplicated for direct literal forms #3453 - AOT compile of method with conditional return results in "is not compiled Ruby; use java_import to load normal classes" #3452 - AOT compile of empty module results.#2253 - Fix GH-1960 rspec file #2252 - Fix GH-1726 on master #2235 - Make AOT work on 9k #2129 - Block variable shadowing and local_variables not matching up right #1111 -.1 Comparable# needs a recursion guard for missing The JRuby community is pleased.
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