Nitro pdf reader 2 review

nitro pdf reader 2 review

Above these tabs is a customisable Quick-Access Toolbar (QAT if you find the ribbon intrusive, you can minimise it and put your favourite commands on the QAT, freeing up more document space.
As in the beta, Nitro PDF Reader.0 supports tabbed PDF viewing.
Posted Apr 08, 2011 for.A number of functions don't work consistently or correctly, including copy-and-paste and find.Comments, if present, are also accessible via a tab the daughter of time by josephine tey pdf to the bottom left of the document pane you can add sticky notes, markup text (highlight, crossout and underline) and type new text freely onto the PDF, with threaded discussions possible when a document has multiple.Interface, features, ease of use, value, recommend to a friend?Hope they improve those functions.Nitro PDF Reader.0 allows you to disable JavaScript if necessary, and also configure the level of website access specify a trusted list, allow all or block all.One setting eluded us, though: we couldn't find a way to create anything other than the lowest-quality (Web-ready) PDF using the drag-and-drop method.Security is a particular concern for PDF users, as the format has proved vulnerable to attack via JavaScript or links to malicious websites.It is mentioned in their customer help forum numerous times.Three quality settings are available: Web-ready, Office-ready and Print-ready; file sizes for a simple single-page test document comprising text and a photo were 57KB, 130KB and 768KB respectively.Importing (top and placing (middle) a signature on a PDF form: note the colour-highlighted fillable fields and the Signatures pane identifying where a signature needs to be entered.It also can extract content, snapshot, notes commenting, form filler, Quicksign, web restriction and java script disablement.Posted Feb 20, 2011 for.4.Apart from the odd interface niggle and its restriction to the Windows platform, we have no hesitation in recommending.Whichever method you choose, conversion is brisk and accurate, thanks to Nitro's new PDF creation engine.Nitro PDF Professional ).For a free product, Nitro PDF Reader.0 delivers a lot of functionality, and for the most part delivers it very well.
Last year, PDF specialist, nitro PDF released a free reader app, Nitro PDF Reader, for public beta testing.
To my shock I found that it doesn't support transparency!