Peugeot 307 sw service and repair manual

peugeot 307 sw service and repair manual

That's the only solution known for the HDIs, put better fuel and drive and play full starcraft 2 game it off.
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Car would not start and enginge managemnt light came on along with anti pollution fault.If you keep driving it, with the poor fuel, it clogs it even more and the other symptons start to appear (limp home mode etc) When you add a higher quality fuel and drive it on the motorway, the clogging stops and it seems.Was still under warranty and after resetting the computer, it had to have a new catalytic converter.What is depollution fault on my 307sw.And yes comments listed that peugeot are not interested are correct.500 repair bill later, was diagnosed with a knackered catalytic converter Emma August 2008 fill up with supermarket fuel anti pollution light came.following advice from these pages put 20 pounds of BP premium in and the problem solved instantly, before i even left the.So only solution is to sell your Pug, search for anti-pollution fault on the net and buy any car that does not come up with it as rosetta stone polish level 1 crack an issue (i.e.I do think that perhaps there could be something in this idea about dodgy fuel.Vehicles, Cars (57848 other questions).Using lovely posts from here I rev for about 3mins at 4000rpm, discon batt for 3min started again and lol the alarm antipollution gone!Your answer: (Add your answer here.Apps16 November 2009 Hi i have peugeot 307.6 engine diesel and i drove up 2 coventry and on the way there the anti pollution light came up on the dashboard also the speed was getting reduced from 70mph to 60mph etc untill it stopped.I won't buy tesco fuel again Jamie March 2014 my Peugeot 307SW.0D has warning about Anti-pollution fault appeal about four day ago and two day later it disappear.Stewie February 2009 Incredible, I read all the info on this forum as I got the same error as is written above Antipollution Fault and managed to fix the problem.They said it turned out to be the spark plugs, which they were then going to charge me 80 to replace (you can buy them for 20!) Needless to say I had someone else replace them, but surprise surprise.On stopping the engine failed to crank but all other accessories were working.Susie March 2010 F-ckin Jesus!Seemed to do this every now and then over last few weeks.Paul November 2009 I have.0 XSI HDI 136bhp.Louise Reynolds May 2012 peugeot 30238 pollution fault changed air filter and oil cleaned and squirted brake cleaner on all sensors and in turbo run like crap for a few mins but hey presto no more fault codes worked a treat for me jess April.
Therefore I suggest anyone who has same problems as I did on my Peugeot 307 HDI.0 to try and buy this kind of additive produced by "Wurth" that you add just before you refuel your tank also you can read instructions on the bottle.
This message indicates that the FAP is almost fully saturated with soot.