Philips chassis gr2 3 aa sm manual pdf

philips chassis gr2 3 aa sm manual pdf

When main switch is pushed ON, relay coupling and decoupling (on-off, on-off) Replace: C805 (47uF, 50V) next to the TDA4605 and C801 (1uF, 50V) (Zoran) Goldstar TV Model: CBT-9745 (PC91A Chassis) TV dead.
G) Orion TV Model: 5190DK No secondary supplies Check / replace C418 (100uF, 25v C489 li-ion battery user guide (100uF, 40v C425 (1uF, 400v posistor PTC401, R422 (5.6ohms, 1w) and the chopper transformer (Anonymous) Goldstar TV-Vid Combi Model: KY14V30 Squeeking sound from chopper transformer Shorted voltage regulator, zener diode.Increased value of C711 (10uF, 63V) by adding.7 uF in parallel on the bottom side of the printed circuit board (Vusu) Daewoo TV-Video Combi Model: GB14F7T1 Smoke came out of vents, then shut down Small pin hole in line output transformer type FSA36012M.Same as C2146TN C2546TN problem solved with thanks to Mike G Barty.Also note this is actually a Daewoo CP375S chassis (Sparky) Jvc TV Model: C14ET1EK (onwa Chassis) Picture height is reduced to 2 inches Replace C418.(Anonymous) Sony TV Model: KV2020 Picture is folded over at the top and curled at the top left hand side Replace C559 and C560 (Anonymous) Sony TV Model: KV1412 Noisy picture Replace relay RY481 on S2 board (Nigel Burton) Sony TV Model: KV1412 Vertical line.32" models value is 56 ohm @ 1 watt safety (Rob Faulkner - Homeview tv) Proline TV Model: 28N1 (F19 Chassis) Int will lose eprom settings, ie Height etc The Crt base was arcing internally (Dave Waddingham) Hitachi TV Model: C2558TN (G8Q Chassis) This set.(bytes option) (Salex) Samsung TV Model: CB5035Z Stuck in osd mode, no functions Change manual reparatii opel astra g limba romana the eprom, check that the earthing of the green cable running from tuner apex digital tv converter box dt502 manual is OK (Leffe) Jvc Video Model: HRD720 Noise bar in playback, looks like error in the guides adjustment.This value should be no less than 200ohms (Roughtest) Sony TV Model: KV-M2131U (BE1 Chassis) Intermittent loss of syncronisation, both horizontal and vertical The surface mounted power transistor on the teletext module requires resoldering.Remove all of the red glue below the condensers.and VOL - store with yellow button (Nigel, Trident audio visual) Sanyo TV Model: CE28WN4B Procedure to disable protection mode for fault finding The protection mode can temporarily be disabled to prevent the set going into standby during fault finding by disconnecting R648 (note.VRS-TV1JD391J) and add a fuse in series with L607 and L608 (Pt.Fuse resistor PS605 is broken on G-board.
This chassis uses the same processor as the GR1-AX which also might have the same problem.
Teletext is ok Replace proc.