Prince of persia the two thrones cheats ps3

prince of persia the two thrones cheats ps3

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When you get to the top you will become level with the Vizier.Go through the corridor until you get to a health bonus fountain.When the fight begins, immediately roll backwards, then get close to him and block his attack.The Vizier will now fly to every other column and try to hit you with an energy beam.Go inside to see a corridor with traps and diagonal jumping shutters.Wait for the dagger to glow and time it correctly to defeat him.You will stab him and you will both fall.Therefore, as long as you are carrying this sword, you will have virtually unlimited sand, unless you either throw it away or become the Dark sql manager for mysql 5.3 1.3 crack Prince.Get close to him again, blocking his punches, and attack him a few times.Use it and go into the doorway you see below.If your attack misses, do not try to attack him until he attacks you again.Sign up for the GamesRadar newsletter to get this free 68 page bookazine.The Vizier will now try to hurt you by trying to hit you with energy beams.The chunks of stone will hover around linux and x-windows programming pdf in a circle around the center of the room.If timed correctly, you can slice off his other wing.It will trigger the final speed kill sequence, where you will stab him with the sword and the dagger.Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting.Secret Baby Rattle weapon, successfully complete the game on the Easy difficulty setting.Only go for the one with the sword.This will lead you to a bonus health fountain.