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Bug fix: In some cases where the Structured Grid mesh patterns are used GeoStudio could crash if the mesh is over constrained.
Bug fix: In View Slice Information, using the keyboard's arrow keys after a mouse click was not changing the selected slice.
Sigma/W Bug fix: The starting time and duration may be incorrect for analyses whose type is "sigma/W Stress "quake/W Stress or "quake/W Newmark Deformation".Bug fix: GeoStudio could crash during mesh regeneration.Bug fix: The solver may never complete when a slip surface passes through only air and bedrock materials.Quake/W Bug fix: In KeyIn Earthquake Records, selecting all records and clicking Delete would not remove the records from the list.For example, let's say the previous state of the grid (p) was:.O.O.O.Bug fix: Windows Explorer could crash if a folder contains a corrupted.gsz file.Bug fix: Merge Regions may not merge two adjacent regions properly.Bug fix: While upgrading, setup could incorrectly indicate that some licenses would not work with the new release because their maintenance had expired.Bug fix: After applying a Windows 10 update, activated licenses may no longer function.If, in the current state, exactly 1 of those 4 cells in the 2x2 block has gas, then it will also have gas in the next state.Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed.All Products Bug fix: KeyIn Regions displays this error when typing in a list of points: underwear patch chaos head "Point 0 does not exist." Bug fix: The Result Times window in Results view would not always show time steps from all previous analyses in a chain.Vadose/W Bug fix: Primary value boundary conditions were sometimes not being interpolated to the Gauss points for the purpose of material property calculations.Values from a slice other than the one selected.Bug fix: The Analysis Explorer window now supports changing analyses using the arrow keys, without losing focus.Bug fix: Graphs displayed using Draw Sensitivity or Draw Probability did not update when the current slip surface changed.Bug fix: GeoStudio could crash on shutdown if a connection to a licensing server is lost while solving.Bug fix: Safety map colors were incorrect: the range of colors did not extend all the way to the End Color.Bug fix: GeoStudio may crash when defining a Convective Surface Fluid temperature function.Read more about the GeoStudio 2014 Preview here.All Products Feature: GeoStudio 2012 now supports Remote Desktop use.
Intersecting bedrock can truncate the slip surface, but the interslice function was using the original slip surface extents in its calculations.
Bug fix: GeoStudio could crash in Results view if no results are available.