Qrp project zm-4 manual

qrp project zm-4 manual

During saturday afternoon/ early evening I managed 5 more QSOs with US stations but this time on 21MHz - stations such as KV1A, K3ZO, N4RV, K2UA, KC1XX, W4KZ - these where spread over the office 2010 no key neededtrmdsf whole East Coast in the states of Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, New.
I take bigger parts, so the tune can handle 100 Watts PEP.
I built this kits in the last two years before, so I had some building and kit experience and also some basic toroid experience (including winding monofilar bi- trifilar toroids and toroids with several taps).
The feeding point is insulated against ground with a piece of ceramic tube leading into the soil.After about 8 days the parcel arrived here in my QTH.I use about 2 m (6 ft) of wire from the bottom of the vertical raingutter tube through the window into the living room directly into the ZM-2 tuner which stands near by the window.An 1 1/2 hours building (I didn't want to have my XYL complain).It can be mounted from the front or bottom.For example a 21m long wire can be used on 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m.RF main board and the wire bag.I though that during the arrl CW contest it should be a good opportunity to work some North American DX with the K1 serial key of windows vista home basic (although only quick contest type of "QSOs.This is a real invisible antenna and even if this might not appear an effective radiatior it works quite acceptable for me (it's a reted flat and I am not allowed to set-up antennas, so I had to invent something My final comment: this.Here its in use with a symmetric dipole.Welcome to DJ 0 MY ' s - K1 1484) Page!Elecraft K-1, Multiband QRP TRX: Once again surfing through QRP pages on the internet I was atracted by the K1 QRP transceiver kit sold.(the red line in the photo shows the HF active part of the raingutter).The finish tuner, inside the tuner.This was all done with K1 set to 5 Watts and again with m tuned raingutter "stealth antenna".For my QRP transceiver (Kenwood TS-120V) I build a Z-Matzch antenna tuner.1 Credit Card surcharge for foreign currency payment 361.96 EUR, german 16 VAT (no import customs duty on radio kits - there is only the VAT to pay.).91 EUR.So my first call was to T99C and we had a quick contest like QSO.But then after QSY I managed to have a QSO with VE1JF in Nova Scotia.Here the filter board is almost finished.By the end of 2002 the US Dollar was becoming weaker and weaker agianst the Euro and due to the exchange rate getting better and better I immediately ordered the kit in USA when the exchange rate reached.05 USD per EUR.
If you are interested in more details about the K1 you can also download the owners manual from the Elecraft Website : The first hours I spent only listening and evaluating the excellent receiver of the K1 (but it was at a later point where.
Here you see the almost completed front panel board - only the LCD and 10-turn potentiometer installation is missing.