Roche reflotron instrument manual

roche reflotron instrument manual

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Testdurchführung Nehmen Sie den gewünschten Reflotron Teststreifen aus der Dose.The measurement procedure is done in just three simple steps.However, polar bear populations living in the Russian Arctic have been reported to feature higher.Vorbereitung Durch den Stand-by-Modus ist das Reflotron Gerät jederzeit für die Messung bereit.For most tests whole blood can be directly used besides serum or plasma.There is no need to prepare reagents or to calibrate the instrument.Urisys, Urisys 1100, Combur-Test a Reflotron jsou ochranné známky Roche.Ergebnis Das Messergebnis kann nach 2 bis 3 Minuten vom Display abgelesen lollipop update for moto e werden.Benefits Reflotron Plus: just little space but great variety.More than 200000 items of Laboratory.Your patient likes the fact that you dont waste any time deciding what treatment is needed.The Reflotron tests are test strips designed for the specific determin- Working with Reflotron tests and blood, serum or plasma.Reflotron Plus Chemistry Analyzer for this unit.Thus the patient can wait for the result and treatment can be started without any delay: With the support of Reflotron Plus for your treatment recommendations and for improving patient compliance, the effectiveness of your practice will increase and your patients loyalty will be strengthened.
Tragen Sie nun 30 l Kapillarblut, venöses Blut, Plasma oder Serum entsprechend Parametervorgaben auf den Teststreifen auf.