Rouleaux present on manual differential

rouleaux present on manual differential

Iron stores from clot section are adequate with snap crackle pop rice krispies costumes no increase in ring-sideroblasts.
Produced in the bone marrow, they enter the body tissues within twenty-four hours. .They contain aggregates of large atypical cells with prominent nucleoli, some with binucleated / multinucleated form and lacunar form. .Reticulocytes : these are immature RBCs that are usually a blue-staining (polychromatic) color.Analysis of cells with negative CD45 expression shows a prominent normoblast population with expression of glycophorin.Chemotherapy for lymphoma has been known to be associated with therapy-induded myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia.Microscopic: Bone marrow aspirate is hypocellular with no spicules.Bone marrow aspirate is hypocellular with few spicules.Patient had also been started on Hydroxyurea before admission.Iron stores are adequate.Bone marrow- possible MDS (RA) Diagnosis : Peripheral blood: Pancytopenia Bone marrow: Normocellular for age Increased megakaryopoiesis and erythropoiesis with mild dysplasia (see comments) Adequate iron stores with no increase in ringed-sideroblasts Comments : Myelodysplasia (refractory anemia) cannot be ruled out with current morphological findings. .Target cells (leptocytes or codocytes RBCs that resemble a bull's-eye; commonly seen in people with abnormal inherited forms of hemoglobin thalassemia, and various anemias.