Sony - cyber-shot dsc-hx200v 18.2 manual

sony - cyber-shot dsc-hx200v 18.2 manual

Helpful in crowded situations for composing shots.
There's no optical viewfinder, but the HX200V does have a small electronic viewfinder in the eyepiece with a relatively modest resolution.
The same is true if you're just downsizing the photos for Facebook or Flickr.Flash Recycle : The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V's flash recycles in about 8 seconds after a full-power discharge, on the slow side.There's just one slot, shared by both card types.When you consider that the HX200V 30x zoom (27-810mm) will let you capture an entire European square or the full expanse of a beach or mountain range when pulled back, and then let you zoom into the face of a far off person or statue.Other interesting functions include 3D still image shooting including Sweep Panoramas, and Picture Effect / Photo Creativity features that add funky filters and editing tweaks to your images.I was, however, disappointed to see that the 2 fps speed had the same shot limit - I was expecting it to just keep going.The rear of the HX200V is dominated by the three-inch, fold-out LCD screen, which juts out a quarter inch when retracted against the camera body.As with all compact cameras, highlight clipping reared it's ugly head, but it wasn't too bad on the HX200V.That's about average for a megazoom these days.The camera's high-def video skills were also good in decent light but somewhat noisy under tougher shooting conditions.Overall, the Sony HX200V's default settings are a little adventures game full version less saturated than most cameras, and hue accuracy is a touch below average.It's textured to resemble leather, and - as on Sony's SLT cameras - there's an indent for your middle finger.Image sharpness is a mixed bag, and really depends on what you're looking.LCD and back-of-the-camera bsplayer pro dvd full version controls.Price and availability, started shipping in March 2012; current list pricing is US480.I found the Sony HX200V to be a slow camera to operate unless you're comfortable with just putting it on Auto and shooting.The "pop" effect boosted color in an already colorful image Because most of my time with the Sony HX200V was spent shooting outdoors in decent to bright natural light, I found myself switching between using the camera's crisp three-inch, fold-out LCD screen for composing photos.It's no surprise that the HX200V's continuous shooting buffer fills up after ten shots at the high speed setting.Auto flash produced very bright results in our indoor portrait scene, retaining just a hint bookmarks to and print of ambient light by using a shutter speed of 1/60 second at ISO 200.
That said, the detail loss (and noise in general) isn't a whole lot worse than super zooms with lower resolution sensors.