Star golf cart service manual

star golf cart service manual

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I had called them looking for prices on the batteries, and they remembered this cart.I'm pretty strong, but it wasn't easy for me to get them out.I hooked up a voltmeter so I could keep an eye on the charge and do it manually.But do I really think any of them have ever taken apart a golf cart?Cartaholics, golf Cart Repair, club Car Electric Golf Cart Repair, club Car Gas Golf Cart Repair.Ezgo Electric Golf Cart Repair, eZGO Gas Golf Cart Repair, yamaha Electric Golf Cart Repair.They say it might the On Board Computer - a pricey little item, of course.So I pulled them.By the way, that's not easy.Cartaholics has golf cart wiring diagrams for all make and model golf carts.The beast lives again.Other Manufacturers Gas Golf Cart Repair.Wife says I should call a neighbor.Nice people, very helpful.
I had bought the tech manual for this, so I'm not entirely helpless.
While waiting for those I ordered new cables and a battery lifting strap from.