Starcraft 2 patch 1.5.3

starcraft 2 patch 1.5.3

Graphics Improvements Many physics optimizations have been across the entire game Texture and resources read barely legal pdf management have been greatly improved, and now use less overall memory StarCraft II is now significantly more thorough in crack of window xp sp3 pre-loading content, resulting in less in-game stutter Custom games now load shaders.
It is now possible to swap a CActorModel's model, a CActorSplats splat, and a CActorSound's sound before they initialize to avoid the performance hit of first creating one model and replacing it with another.
StarCraft Button The StarCraft II multiplayer ladder, melee games and other classic gameplay options have been moved to a separate StarCraft II button.
A new UI Module has been added.CPU usage is now optimized while streaming data.It is now possible to send actor messages to portraits in the glue screens.This height map is much smoother than the flyer height map, and the camera data can now choose which height map to use.Behaviors that have Requirement Nodes now properly display those nodes in the behavior's "Used By" dropdown field.Graphics Anti-aliasing support has been added to smooth out edges in the game.Fixed an issue in custom games with AI where the score screen would improperly list AI players as zerg regardless of their actual race played.StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch.5.3.Fixed an issue where the Bonus Pool would occasionally display an incorrect value.Fixed an issue where duplicated units would not be referenced properly in their documented fields.Fixed an issue where textures could occasionally become corrupted when opening maps in the terrain module.The "CPM" observer shortcut is no longer cut-off in the observer dropdown.New support has been added to define multiple lighting regions in the game world.
Terrain Module Painted pathing now shows properly in the Terrain Editor when a new map is opened while viewing the Pathing layer Holding down shift when moving a doodad now properly ignores placement requirements until after the doodad is moved to a valid location.
The ability to chat with non-friended players will end if either player logs out, or if no conversation occurs for five minutes.