Under the moon pc game

under the moon pc game

Added a shortcut to view the map (default is Tab on keyboard and Select on controllers).
Play casually for the rich setting and mysterious story or crank up the difficulty to run your reflexes through a truly brutal gauntlet.
Fixed a situation where the Bakman Patch would have poison effects.Just finished a chunk of Kyle script over my lunch break, in fact.The previous default was Enter, in case you haven't changed that.Added a visual cue for jumping Imp Girl's attacks.Made it so you can move the map with the right analog stick.Fixed a mistake in NG just cause pc game english patch that allowed you to have two Rotten Bellflowers.Reduced the damage done by the regular Radish enemies.Added controller vibration options to Settings menu.We prefer that the heavy discussions are kept else where, letting know here as well that a patch is done is more than welcomed.V1.01: General Added a fan translation, German, courtesy of Pumalarios!Mouse cursor is no longer displayed if the game is in Fullscreen.Drilling arrows now poison all enemies that are hit by them.Audio changes to the Forest area.Now Shift is the default menu key, but you can bind it to something else if you want!He is a doting father.It still shows up in Windowed mode.Fixed a softlock in case you enter the "knight miniboss" screen from the left, when he's still alive.Some minor level design changes.Fixed a softlock in a room of the Royal Pinacotheca area.