Wap proof full version

wap proof full version

Mobile-oriented online shops, mobile banking and trading, wAP interface for corporate web systems (HR management, technical support).
Good context help, low price compared to similar commercial WAP emulators.
WAP Proof is capable of emulating 21 different mobile devices with all their features, making of it an absolutely versatile WAP browser.It is designed for the preview and debugging of mobile websites.Can be used to create.Mobile interface for online games, why WAP Proof?WAP Proof is an application to emulate the operation of a mobile phone on the PC, working as a browser to view the WAP sites, a thing which provides access to WML, xhtml, chtml and html pages as well.Please note that all customers who purchased WAP Proof 2007 (version xbox system update usb 3) in March 2008 can install WAP Proof 2008 (version 4) without charge!WAP Proof can be used to validate the syntax of WML or xhtml documents, debug the interactive WAP pages, and check the http traffic between the browser and the server.It displays mobile web pages exactly as if they were loaded by a real cell phone.The error diagnostics is descriptive and all the debugging information is accessible.WAP Proof works over http like a usual html browser and has the most of its features, such as: * Using bookmarks * Changing the document encoding * Working offline, the following features are particularly useful for mobile content developers: * XML syntax validation and.Purpose of WAP Proof, wAP Proof may help your business if you provide web application development or develop such mobile web systems as: Mobile content management systems (sale of ringtones, mobile logos, etc.).Intuitive "Windows-XP" interface (do not think about it, just work on your task).By means of this application, users can access mobile phone-specific news sites, download contents such as ring tones and manage banking operations, use online games requiring a mobile interface, etc.WAP emulator, you can view mobile-oriented (WML, xhtml, chtml and html) pages exactly as if they were opened by a real mobile phone and switch between different mobile devices by few mouse clicks.All-in-one (21 different mobile devices are emulated).The modern mobile application will be a wonderful supplement to your mobile website.The error Diagnostics is descriptive and all the debugging information is accessible.To learn more about the features of the software, read the ".
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