Whirlpool duet sport manuals

whirlpool duet sport manuals

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The pressure switch hose is black in color and connects to razer naga macro program a round device.
The only cure is to replace the brake package but, man, you might as well go ahead and replace the whole transmission.
Remove the power and make sure no water is inside the machine.Wasn't that a lot quicker than getting on-line, finding this website, and listening to my abuse?The only way to confirm is to use your meter and wiring diagram.Check the wire harness connections on the motor control board.F/06, motor tachometer, unplug the washer and check the wiring between the motor control board and the drive motor.Again, worn drive belt.On old-style GE/Hotpoint washers, the pump is down in back and you'll need to pull off that back panel to check it out.(HE) detergent F/dL Door lock error The door can't lock.On the new model Duet washers, this same error has been re-labelled as F-28.Crystal balls don't work too good.Drive belt could be worn out-see above.If there are no connection problems, the motor control board and/or the main control board usually need to be replaced.The tub might be leaking.Rinse is done with cold water.The top will need to be removed so If youre not handy, call a tech or use the ASK Matt page at the top of this page.Oh, I know youll hear some guys swear it was a bad board because they replaced the such-and-such board and it fixed the problem, so it had to be a bad board.Check for play along the diagonal corners of the washer cabinet by applying downward pressure.Drain pump, f/05, water temperature sensor, unplug the washer and check the wiring going to the water temperature sensor.How you gonna know what you're looking for in the contacts if you don't use the wiring diagram, too?Many a fine battle-hardened appliance warrior has been befuddled by these error codes and have needlessly soiled their undergarments throwing every control board in the box.The closest it can get in the error code is by telling you which two boards had trouble talking.
If you have more questions about the F20 code on a duet washer or any other error code, please feel free to use the comment form below or the Ask Matt page at the top of the page.